James Patterson - Cat and Mouse PDF

James Patterson - Cat and Mouse PDF

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Gary Soneji, the fierce villain faced by Alex Cross in the first novel Along Came a Spider, is back! And he is boiling a scheme to slay Cross and his family. In Cat & Mouse, the fourth book in the series, we will see how risky the life Cross is living. How his job holds a real massive threat to his personal life and his two beloved kids! James Patterson—bestselling thriller stories writer—has brilliantly presented and kept the intensity and suspense in this volume particularly and the series in general.

Yet again, talented psychologist-detective Alex Cross is put in a situation where, figuratively speaking, thousands of lives are in his hands. Two lunatic killers are on the loose. Mr. Smith is haunting big European cities like London and Paris, victims are falling including Thomas “St. Augustine” Pierce’s wife. Pierce himself is a talented agent in cracking down mysterious murders and bow he is on a vengeful duty to chase the man who has destroyed his life: Mr. Smith.

Meanwhile, Gary Soneji’s return into Cross’s life now means greater and more perilous threat to the detective and his family. The murderer considers Cross as a worthy opponent in a kind of psychopathic game he imagines in his mind. For Soneji, taking Cross’ most beloved things in his life, his kids’ lives, and then Cross’ own life is the ultimate goal to win that game. However, Soneji want to add more “excitement” by terrorizing train stations.

Chaoses ensue, victims are falling, and commuters are in great peril. Detective Alex Cross is racing against time to make the very best of his investigation and make the best prediction to stop Soneji’s terror, which also means saving his family’s and his own lives. Cross gets help from Pierce who has to delay his own “Mr. Smith case” as a result of the intriguing turn in Soneji case. Will the detective duo solve the puzzle and take down the murderous duo in time?

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Author: James Patterson;
Genre/Subject: Crime/Detective Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 411;
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