James Patterson - Jack and Jill PDF

James Patterson - Jack and Jill PDF

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James Patterson continues the heart-pounding crime/detective thriller series, Alex Cross. After Kiss the Girls, comes the third novel, Jack & Jill. Preserving the same intensity, thrill, and mystery, this 1996 published book immediately achieved success and became a big bestseller.

There is a murderous couple—a man and woman—who murder a US Senator and make a video record of their cold-blooded action. The police who investigate the homicide could not find any clues or motives but a note containing rhyming lines and a sign that says “Jack and Jill.” The more terrifying thing from that note is a warning that they just start. That murder is only a beginning of the terror plan of the duo, who will absolutely do everything it takes to make it happen.

At the same time, in his hometown Washington, Alex “Doctor Detective” Cross has been called to investigate another homicide, only a few blocks away from his own house. He gets deeply emotional when he sees the victim: a little girl, a beautiful and innocence child. She was brutally beaten by her murderer using a baseball bat. Her body is dumped in front of an elementary school and Cross’ son, Damon, is a student in that school.

While psychologist-detective Cross is trying to crack down both murders and reveal if there is any connection between them, the killers carry on the terror and take down the next victim, and the other next. Every Washington citizen is in danger, even the President of the United States! The clock is ticking, the roller coaster is on the run, and it’s getting faster and deadlier. Will Alex Cross successfully solved the puzzle, track down the brutal monster(s), and prevent more killings?

James Patterson masterfully keeps the suspense from the start to end of the novel, with some twists and surprises here and there. This novel will surely satisfy the fans of the series or readers who love suspense/thriller stories in general.

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(The page count for Alex Cross #4: Jack and Jill PDF eBook might be different from the retail edition due to scanning or formatting.)
Author: James Patterson;
Genre/Subject: Crime/Detective Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 274;
File Size: 1 MB;

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