Kick-Ass #1 PDF

Kick-Ass #1 PDF

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Caution: This comic contains explicit violence that may not be sufficient for underage kids.

Mark Millar (author) and John Romita Jr. (illustrator) have made a terrific collaboration that created a phenomenal and exciting comic series: Kick-Ass, which has also become a blockbuster hit movie with the same title. In this series (under Icon Comics) they presented something quite different from their works under Marvel Comics. This time there is no super-power or mutant-power. In Kick Ass, the hero is just a regular, geek, comic-loving, teenage boy with brave and crazy ideas.

How the girls in his schools threat Dave
Dave Lizewski is living a typical high school life as a castaway kid:  unpopular, average, ignored by girls, likes video games. He lives with his dad after his mom died when he was fourteen. Dave finds a kind of sanctuary in comic books; he is obsessed with them, and from that obsession emerges a passion to be a superhero that the world badly needs.

Dave Lizewski's life alone with his dad

So he gets his costumes, works out, and picks his hero name. He feels ready for his first mission and in his patrol he tries to stop some young guys spray painting walls. However, things turn terribly, terribly wrong for Kick-Ass (a.k.a. Dave) and his life is on the brink.

Dave sits on his bed in his Kick-Ass costume

Things gone terribly wrong for Kick-Ass

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