Kick-Ass #3 PDF

Kick-Ass #3 PDF

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Caution: This comic contains explicit violence that may not be sufficient for underage kids.

The collaboration of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. has pushed Kick-Ass series (published by Icon Comics)reaches its 3rd issues with tremendous pace, more excitement, and more blood being shed, bodies get chopped.

Dave Lizewski is now an anonymous—behind his green suite and mask—YouTube superstar, or let’s say superhero. The video of his action flailing his sticks against some gangsters to protect a single unknown man gets more than 10.000 views in an instant. It is this phenomenon that earns him his hero name: Kick-Ass!

The video that instantly gets more than 10.000 views

All things that happened have given Dave a kind of self-confidence as a schoolboy and also as a hero wannabe. At school, he gains reputation since the other students suspect him as gay. As a superhero, he now believes that he should improve his capabilities—hence the roof jumping attempt—and his service to the society, by making a MYspace account under the name Kick-Ass so people can reach him if they ever need his help.

Dave grows a new strong self-confidence at school

From his MYspace page he gets his first job: sending a message to a guy named Eddie Lomas to stop harassing his ex girlfriend. This mission brings Dave to an apartment full of crooks and once again his life is hanging by a thread. However, an unexpected guest changes the course of events: 10 year-old Hit-Girl with her two katanas and cold-blood killing ability.

Kick-Ass warns Eddie Lomas to stop harassing his ex girlfriend

Out of nowhere, Hit-Girl comes and stabs Eddie from the back

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