Kick-Ass #4 PDF

Kick-Ass #4 PDF

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Caution: This comic contains explicit violence that may not be sufficient for underage kids.

Icon Comics (Marvel Imprint) continues its thriving Kick-Ass series. This is not your average series—in terms of the bloodshed and superherosim—and the introduction of two new characters, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, confirms it even more.

This fourth issue starts in Eddie Lomas’ apartment. Kick-Ass (a.k.a Dave Lizewski behind the mask), who was supposedly send a message to Eddie, is now a mere spectator in disgust and dread as he watches Hit-Girl doing what she does best: slaughtering bad guys.

Hit-Girl stands in a pool of blood

The mystery of that little super-girl doesn’t stop there. As she leaves the massacre scene, with Dave tries to follow her, she then meets another peculiar character: big man with mask, who turns out to be Big Daddy. Dave’s encounter with those two masked superhero has given him new perspective on what he’s trying to do.

Hit-Girls jumps from roof to roof

While at the mean time, on the other side of the story, mob leader Johnny G is getting irritated because the “balance of his business” is disturbed with the deaths of some people including Eddie Lomas. His surveillance camera took some pictures of the responsible persons for that disturbance. Two clowns in superhero costumes!

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