Kick-Ass #5 PDF

Kick-Ass #5 PDF

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Caution: This comic contains explicit violence that may not be sufficient for underage kids.

Kick-Ass series, collaboration between Mark Millar (author of Marvel Civil War) and John Romita Jr. (illustrator of Spider-Man, World War Hulk, etc.), with its spins and twists on heroism and its graphic carnage, has captured many audience and gained wide acclaim. The series, published by Icon Comics, has now come to its fifth issue and the story gets even more exciting with the introduction of another mysterious superhero. Besides, it now seems that things are very likely going big, with the presence of mob boss Johnny G.

Dave Lizewski getting agitated seeing the fame of his competitor

Dave Lizewski gets agitated when another masked vigilante, The Red Mist, takes some of the spotlight from media and fans that used to be all for him. Dave can’t take it anymore when people cheer the new guy as the first superhero with MySpace page.

Kick-Ass wants to straight things out with new superhero

However, in their first encounter, The Red Mist clears things up to Kick-Ass and says he is a big fan. They finally end the night with teaming up for the night patrol, where they save a cat from a burning building.

Both arrive at a burned building and Kick-Ass decides to take action

In enjoying the recognition and attention he regains, Dave gets a surprise visit from Big Daddy and Hit-Girl who ask is he ready to deal with the mob?!

The two superhero come to warn Dave about the mob

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