Kick-Ass #7 PDF

Kick-Ass #7 PDF

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Caution: This comic contains explicit violence that may not be sufficient for underage kids.

The excitement and brutality of Kick-Ass series presented by author Mark Millar and illustrator John Romita Jr. is nearing its climax with even greater intensity. However, as for now, our superhero is getting his ass kicked badly. Real bad.

Mr. Genovese (a.k.a. Johnny G), with the help of his son The Red Mist, has successfully trapped Big Daddy, Hit-Girl, and Kick-Ass. Pissed off as he is, Genovese will has his men do whatever it takes to crack down who they really are and why they are after his men.

Mr Giovenese blasts one of his enemies

Hit-Girl is the luckiest among those three superheroes, since they open fire on her and she falls out of the building through a window. She’s gone before the true terror, before the mob even start to give them hell to make them talk. Big Daddy and Kick-Ass are not that lucky and both of them have to endure the torturous “treat” given by Johnny G’s men.

One of the mobs beats Dave to make him talk

When Dave Lizewski is the only survivor of the three heroes and he desperately uses every means to buy him every minute he can get, suddenly Hit-Girl slashes her way back. But can they survive the mobs?

With her katanas ready at hand, Hit-Girl jumps onto the mobs

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