Kick-Ass #8 PDF

Kick-Ass #8 PDF

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Caution: This comic contains explicit violence that may not be sufficient for underage kids.

Icon Comics (Marvel Imprint) stellar series, Kick-Ass, finally comes to its final issue—for Book One. Author Mark Millar (Civil War) and illustrator John Romita Jr. (World War Hulk) have successfully kept the pace, intensity, and carnage from the very first volume until the last one. This issue makes one hell of a closing to such exciting comic series.

A rage of a kid is terrifying, especially if that kid knows how to use swords, knifes, guns, and flame-throwers! The story picks up the tension presented in the last pages of the previous volume, where Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass survive the mob who have trapped and torture them.

Beaten up and really pissed off, these two little superheroes are now after the men responsible for the hell both of them have been through and they will make sure those men feel the same hell, or even worse. Hit-Girl has reached her exploding point and she is nothing but ready to avenge her father’s death by taking down Johnny G. While Dave Lizewski is more than eager to get The Red Mist (a.k.a Chris Genovese), the phony superhero who stabbed him from the back so the mob get him and fried his testicles!

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