Leigh Montville - Evel PDF

Leigh Montville - Evel PDF

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Leigh Montville used to be a senior writer for Sports Illustrated and he has written best-selling and enlightening biographies of sport legends like Babe Ruth. In 2011, another best-selling biographical book by him was released, Evel. This time Montville smoothly and excitingly presents the life of the most famous daredevil in world (America especially), a man whose stunt on a bike is incomparable: Evel Knievel.

Born in 1938, Robert Craig Knievel had successfully made his way to fame and fortune through a series of perilous ramp-to-ramp motor jumps and broken bones. Along his career, he has done 75 jumps and suffered 433 broken bones—Guinness Book of Records listed him as “most broken bones in a lifetime” survivor. However, Kneivel has grown to be more than a mere jumping daredevil. His action caught, mesmerized, and took the breath away from millions audience. He has inspired numerous motorcycle stunts and he is now one of America’s most famous icons.

Through the pages of this Evel Knievel biography, Leigh Montville deftly takes readers explores deep into the life of a legend, not only his glittery superstar life but also the gloomier side of his life. This book shows how complex his life was, in relation to his iconic image, the media coverage, and more personal matters like his family. Montville’s diverse views intertwine delicately and his writing will push readers to jump from one “ramp of Knievel’s life” to another.

*Reviews of Leigh Montville's Evel*
“In the late 1960s and early 1970s…the coolest man on earth was Evel Knievel….Leigh Montville brings him vividly back in an outlandishly entertaining new biography.” —New York Post

“In Evel [Leigh Montville] writes in a florid high style, as if pulling a wheelie across every page. This can be smart, rowdy fun. Mr. Montville tacks the young Knievel to the wall, wonderfully.…He catches the way the wingspans of Knievel’s jacket collars were the ‘same as a good-size pterodactyl…Evel is never dull.” —New York Times

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