James Patterson - Along Came a Spider PDF

James Patterson - Along Came a Spider PDF

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Along Came a Spider is a mystery/thriller novel by American author James Patterson. It is the first book in his successful, exciting Alex Cross series. The story of the series builds around the adventures and investigations of Alex Cross, an African-American forensic psychologist and a detective—people call him “Doctor Detective.”

This first volume was published in 1993—this series has strived for nine years, with the 19th novel published in November 2012. It got warm reception and achieved commercial success and became bestseller. It also inspired a movie adaptation with the same title in 2001. The film starred famous Hollywood actors, such as Morgan Freeman who played Alex Cross.

Along Came a Spider starts with a murder investigation conducted by Cross, there are two dead prostitutes that have been viciously killed. In the middle of it, he has to stop the murder investigation as there is a new job for him, investigating the kidnapping case of Maggie Rose Dunne and Michael by math teacher Gary Soneji, a psychopath who suffered splitting personality.

It turns out Soneji is not an average psycho criminal that even the join forces of the FBI, Secret Service, and the police seem overwhelmed by his cunning. Brilliant Alex Cross is then put forward to crack Soneji about all the kidnappings and murders he had done. In solving this case, a female Secret Service supervisor joins Cross in conducting the investigation and her presence makes the situation even more complicated—both of them almost have a love affair—while Soneji plays his part extremely well that it seems he outsmarts even Cross himself.

*Preview of James Patterson's Along Came a Spider*
Alex Cross, a black Washington, D.C., police detective with a Ph.D. in psychology, and Jezzie Flanagan, a white motorcycling Secret Service agent, become lovers as they work together to apprehend a chilling psychopath who has kidnapped two children from a posh private school. The psychotic villain, who aspires to become more notorious than Lindbergh baby kidnapper Bruno Hauptmann, is effectively nightmarish. Atypical characters, sex, sometimes shocking violence, and several surprising plot twists are all attention-grabbing, while short chapters with a shifting viewpoint add brisk pacing and genuine suspense. Patterson's storytelling talent is in top form in this grisly escapist yarn. Highly recommended for public libraries. —Will Hepfer, SUNY at Buffalo Libs.

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