James Patterson - Kiss the Girls PDF

James Patterson - Kiss the Girls PDF

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James Patterson’s brilliant and thrilling Alex Cross series continues with its second volume, Kiss the Girls. The book was first published in 1995, two years after Along Came a Spider. Offering the same intense plot and well-built characters, just like its prequel, this second volume also received warm reception and became a bestseller. In 1997, a movie adaptation with the same title was released with Morgan Freeman played Alex Cross.

The story doubles the thrill since Alex Cross is now facing not only one brutal, slick psychopathic murderer but two. Two men spread terrors in both coasts of USA respectively. In the East Coast there is the brutal Casanova, while in the West Coast there is this cold-blooded Gentleman Caller. They both have some things in common. Both are attractive, powerful, and bright that the crimes they committed seem flawless, difficult to crack, and leave the police and the feds clueless. They also share the same interest in picking their victims: attractive young girls.

The authorities need extra intelligence and brilliance to pursue with both killers and Alex Cross is finally dragged into the case. He takes the case not only because he is the most capable mind the force has, but also he is an uncle who is dying to save someone he really cares about. His favorite niece Naomi, who attends Duke University, has been missing and there is a lead that it is one of Cross’s targets who has kidnapped her. With the help of Kate McTiernan, another kidnapping victim who was fortunate enough to run away from Casanova, Alex Cross races to take down the murderous duo and save his beloved niece.

*Review of James Patterson's Kiss the Girls*
"Casanova" works the East Coast, "The Gentleman Caller" works the West Coast, and these two serial killers might just be working together. Washed-up Washington, D.C., police detective Alex Cross gets involved when his niece is abducted. Since this is a new work by the author of the best-selling Along Came a Spider (LJ 12/92), don't be surprised that Paramount has bought the film rights and that BOMC has made it a main selection. —Library Journal

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