James Patterson - Roses are Red PDF

James Patterson - Roses are Red PDF

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Published in 2000, Roses are Red is the sixth novel in Alex Cross series by American thriller writer James Patterson. Just like its prequels, the book achieved success and became a hit best-seller. A movie adaptation had been made and released in 2012, but the response was not very good, despite praises for Tyler Perry, the actor who played Cross.

The story opens up with a robbery scene at Citibank, involving a woman behind a Bill Clinton mask holding a Magnum revolver, a teller, a manager, and the Mastermind, a mysterious person who seems to behind it all and at the moment holding the manger’s family hostage. This scene ends with the woman robber cleans out the safe, the teller and manager locked in the safe, and the manager’s family dead. No words from the Mastermind.

Detective Alex Cross is just starting a wonderful romantic and family life with Christine (Pop Goes the Weasel). They are having a party for little Alex when duty calls Cross and though Christine has begged him not to go, he eventually goes. When he comes back to the party, the woman he loves has left, along with their baby. It’s then clear for Cross that he has to choose, his family and his love or his often-dangerous job.

While the “Doctor Detective” is troubled with his personal crises, left by Christine and his daughter Janelle has to be operated to remove the tumor she has, The Mastermind is back in action. He works on some other banks, with new crew members because he himself killed the crews he hired for the earlier jobs! The plot is still the same, a party goes to the bank and another party goes to the manager’s family.

Bank officers are killed, more managers’ families are held hostage, and the Mastermind seems unstoppable and untraceable. Alex Cross once again engages in a mind and energy absorbing investigation. The case puts Cross on edge when the Secretary of Justice demands result. The Mastermind makes things even worse when he and his crew carry out a bolder plan: they seize a bus full of insurance company officials’ wives and ask a ransom of $30 million or they will start a massacre!

With his brilliant, fast-paced writing James Patterson makes Roses are Red very exciting, intense, and enjoyable for the fans of the series or thriller/ detective novel lovers in general.

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