Upton Sinclair - The Jungle PDF

Upton Sinclair - The Jungle PDF

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Upton Sinclair was an author, journalist, and politician who wrote the famous historical fiction novel on wage slavery in America entitled The Jungle. After conducting an undercover investigation into Chicago meatpacking factories in 1905, Sinclair wrote his findings in a serial published by a Socialist newspaper in 1905. After went through some rejections, Sinclair finally found a publisher who were bold enough to put his work in a public printed version. The result is The Jungle, a shockingly enlightening book first release in 1906.

This invaluable classic book puts forth a portrayal of the unpleasant living and insufficient working environments suffered by immigrants in the US. The book bluntly shows poverty and hopelessness in contrast to the corruption by those who hold the power. It received wide attention especially from the Americans, but it was not the issue of the harsh lives of the immigrants offered by Sinclair that interested most readers, it was the awful meatpacking industry practices in America in early 20th century—because it concerned a commodity they consume in almost day-to-day basis.

Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle is now widely regarded and taught as a reference of industry’s poor working environment from journalistic point of view. The book presents some theories that fit Social Darwinism, such as survival of the fittest, “Buyer Beware” caution, and economy minimum control.

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For nearly a century, the original version of Upton Sinclair's classic novel has remained almost entirely unknown. When it was published in serial form in 1905, it was a full third longer than the censored, commercial edition published in book form the following year. That expurgated commercial edition edited out much of the ethnic flavor of the original, as well as some of the goriest descriptions of the meat-packing industry and much of Sinclair's most pointed social and political commentary. The text of this new edition is as it appeared in the original uncensored edition of 1905. It contains the full 36 chapters as originally published, rather than the 31 of the expurgated edition. A new foreword describes the discovery in the 1980s of the original edition and its subsequent suppression, and a new introduction places the novel in historical context by explaining the pattern of censorship in the shorter commercial edition.

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