James Patterson - Violets are Blue PDF

James Patterson - Violets are Blue PDF

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The brilliant psychologist-homicide detective from Washington is back in his 7th novel, Violets are Blue. From the very first publication, Along Came a Spider, James Patterson has successfully kept his Alex Cross series thrilling and intense to excite fans and interest new readers as well. Most of the books in the series became international bestseller because of captivating writing style with short chapters to keep the story at “the right pace.” What is more, he seems always able to get Cross fiercer and slicker nemeses in each new novel. Just like in this seventh volume.

This book continues Alex Cross’ pursue of the Mastermind (Roses are Red), the evil genius behind some cold-blooded bank robberies and deaths of some hostages. The villain seems really get to the Cross’ nerve when he personally tells him that his life, the lives of the people close to him, including his family, are “in the crosshairs”. Cross is now forced to use all energy, resources, and mind he has to investigate the case and put the man down before further damages are done.

At the mean time, in San Francisco, the police and the FBI are puzzled by a savage murder. Two persons found dead at Golden Gate Park in a horrifying condition, from the scars on their bodies it seems that they were being bitten by someone (or something) and their blood is drained—as if they were killed by a beast or a vampire. Those two victims are just the beginning of more beastly/vampiric killings on the East Coast!

*Reviews of James Patterson's Violets are Blue*
Fans of James Patterson's resourceful cop Alex Cross will be relieved to find that he's back on familiar territory with Violets Are Blue—and, more importantly, that this is one of the best Alex Cross thrillers yet.
. . .
Patterson fans expect the extremely concise, page-turning chapters (116 of them here!), along with a reluctance to dawdle over details of his hero's personal life, and both characteristics are firmly back in place. If you can resist reading this one in just a few sittings, you deserve some kind of a thriller reader's medal. —Barry Forshaw,

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Language: English;
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