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Life of Pi is a magnificent and inspiring contemporary novel by Yann Martel, originally published in 2001. With this book the Canadian author won some prestigious awards, including the Booker Prize, and received wide acclaim, including from US President Barrack Obama, who in his personal letter to Martel said that the novel is "an elegant proof of God, and the power of storytelling". Despite the success it has achieved, Martel initially had to struggle to find publisher who want to release his work, being rejected by five London publishing houses. It was Knopf Canada that finally launched the book.

The novel tells about an amazing survival adventure imbued with religious and philosophical views. The story follows the life of Pi Patel, a boy from Pondicherry, India and Richard Parker, a male Bengali tiger. Pi had quite a remarkable—or even strange—life journey in such a young age. He was born into a zoo owner family and was named after the name of a swimming pool, a French swimming for that matter, Piscine Molitor.

The first adventure pictured in this book is Pi Patel’ spiritual adventure, when he enthusiastically learned and practiced Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity at the same time. This, off course, brought trouble as three leaders of each religion tried to claim him and demanded him to choose one.

His second adventure came when the political situation in Pondicherry seemed unstable, and his father decided to move his family to Canada. His family embarked on a voyage along with the animals to the new home on a cargo ship. And this was the beginning of the exciting, sad, heart-warming adventure of Pi Patel and Richard Parker. The ship sank in a storm, and there were only two survivors that stranded on a life boat in the middle of Pacific Ocean: a 16-year old boy and a 450-pound Bengal tiger. In that small boat, they fear, are disturbed by, and need the presence of each other.

The amazing survival story in this book, how a boy survived the sea for 227 days with a big cat in the boat, how they helped themselves from hunger and thirst, and how this adventure became a kind of culmination of the boy’ spiritual journey, it all will captivate readers from the very start to the end of the novel.

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Author: Yann Martel;
Genre/Subject: Contemporary;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 219;
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