James Patterson - The Big Bad Wolf PDF

James Patterson - The Big Bad Wolf PDF

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American thriller writer James Patterson extended his massive achievement of the brilliant crime/detective thriller series Alex Cross with the ninth novel entitled The Big Bad Wolf. First published in 2003, it was welcome by fans and achieved commercial success as it became the seventh best-selling book in the following year.

The story starts with Alex Cross decides leaving the police corps, as he has made up his mind to join the feds. Despite being an accomplished detective he is now a “junior” in the FBI and has to undergo some training. In the middle of it, a series of mysterious kidnappings happen. Pretty women are missing in Washington. The bureau, knowing his background accomplishment as police detective, realizes that as new as he is, Cross is the perfect agent to do the investigation on the case.

After gathering some clues and leads, a suspect behind the kidnapping of those attractive women can be drawn. It was “The Wolf,” a vicious Russian mobster. Turns out he is a big player in the human trafficking world, especially the “sexual slavery market.” He has been supplying the needs of his clients with the kidnapped women and some young men.

However, Cross faces a great difficulty in getting The Wolf’s true identity and his position, because that criminal plays his game very carefully and makes contacts only through a website, rarely makes direct personal contact. In his effort to capture this crooked wolf, Cross is forced to use all resources he can reach outside the FBI: from the NYPD, CIA, Secret Service, and even the Russian government.

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Author: James Patterson;
Genre/Subject: Detective/Crime Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 356;
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