James Patterson - Four Blind Mice PDF

James Patterson - Four Blind Mice PDF

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Alex Cross gripping adventures and brilliant investigations continue with another exciting story in the eighth novel, Four Blind Mice. With his writing prowess and intelligence in creating short, fast-paced plots, American thriller-detective author James Patterson has achieved big success—most of the books in this series are bestseller—with and become an internationally renowned author.

The story opens up with the execution of Sergeant Ellis Cooper, which turns out to be based on a wrong verdict. With the assistance of John Sampson, psychologist-detective Cross investigates the case. Upon their inspection, they find out there are other military personnel who got the same fate as Sergeant Cooper. They have been wrongly accused and sentenced for killing civilians. Seems like these are not the works of some average murderer and the only clue Cross find is the killer always painted the dead bodies blue.

Surprisingly, deeper investigation leads Cross and Sampson to three Army Rangers. Those rangers are also known as “The Blind Mice” and it is recorded that they conducted similar felony in the Vietnam War. At that time, they did unauthorized massacre by killing villagers who didn’t bear arms. The three of them painted the dead victims red, white, and blue. However, detective Alex Cross couldn’t get more information from them because they die in the gunfight after trying to fight back.

Finally Cross gets a solid lead to the mastermind and he knows instantly that the case will be tough and dangerous because that person who orchestrates the murders is the West Point Commander, General Mark Hutchinson. With all the power in his hand, not only Hutchinson is hard to pursue but he even threats Cross and captures him, with the intention to eliminate the detective.

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