Eiji Yoshikawa - Taiko PDF eBook

Eiji Yoshikawa - Taiko PDF

Eiji Yoshikawa - Taiko PDF Download eBook

Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan is one of timeless masterpieces of Japanese great writer Eiji Yoshikawa. First published in 1967, this epic historical-fiction book was translated into English 25 years later by William Scott Wilson, who is quite well-known for his translations of some Japanese literature works.

The novel depicts the tumultuous era that preoccupied Japan near the end of the sixteen century. The shogunate lost its power, no authority control or leadership that united the country—not even the Emperor, who then became a mere “spectator.” Warlords, daimyos, province and clan leaders embarked in wars, chaotically battled each other to expand their own power. Meanwhile, it was the common people who suffered the most from this unruly politics.

Amid the turmoil, three men—one man at a time—eventually rose to lead Japan to union as a united modern country. They are Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu. The three of them share the same dream and passion, the three of them were undoubtedly prominent politic and military leaders, yet they were awfully different in their personal characters, philosophies, and leadership styles. As written in the book opening:

Their divergent philosophies have long been recalled by the Japanese in a verse known to every schoolchild:
  What if the bird will not sing?
  Nobunaga answers, "Kill it!"
  Hideyoshi answers, "Make it want to sing."
  Ieyasu answers, "Wait."

Taiko is a rich story. It wonderfully portrays history, struggle, loyalty, betrayal, love, and—because the book is mostly written from Hideyoshi’s perspective—the equal chance between commoner and noble. Beautifully painted in lively elaborated scenes, the book presents the panoramic vision of a Kurosawa epic with a vibrant trace of feudal Japan.

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