Frank Portman - King Dork PDF or EPUB Download

Frank Portman - King Dork PDF

Frank Portman - King Dork PDF or EPUB Download eBook

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In 2006, punk singer-guitarist from California Frank Portman made his debut as a writer with his brilliant, witty contemporary novel King Dork. The book received quite positive response and in the next year, it was awarded as 2007 Best Book for Young Adults by American Library Association. Based on the information found at Internet Movie Database, a film adaptation is planned to be released in 2014.

Portman’ story highlighted a phase in life that most people find it hard to deal with, which is adolescence. For Tom Henderson, the main protagonist in the novel, his teenage years seem a bit more complicated than the average kids. His father was a police officer that died six years earlier and until recently Tom still finds it difficult to make the adjustment in living with his mother and his stepfather. At school his existence is not any better because he finds himself to be a misfit—to not call him a loser—among his friends, his peers could be cruel at times, and the teachers and school administrators are not so helpful either.

However, his life is getting more interesting for him when, unintentionally at first, he investigates his father’s death. During that process, when he dwells into his late dad’s stuffs, he finds J.D. Salinger’s classic Catcher in the Rye. Despite being initially sick of the book since it looks like every teacher in his school is obsessed with it, he finds the story and character are very close to his own life, and soon the novel changes his life rather drastically. He also shares a dream with his best friend Sam Hellerman to form a rock band. This band thing leads him to another interesting experience when he finds that other kids—girls too—starting to realize his existence.

King Dork eBook Details

Author: Frank Portman;
Genre/Subject: Contemporary;
Language: English;

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