James Patterson - Cross Country PDF

James Patterson - Cross Country PDF

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In 2009, Alex Cross series, a gripping crime/detective thriller series, continued with its fourteenth volume with the publication of Cross Country. American thriller novel writer James Patterson had successfully strived with the series since 1993 and made another #1 book in New York Times Bestseller list, albeit the mixed criticisms it received. Library Journal stated that it was the most borrowed fiction title in libraries across the US in 2009.

The story begins with Alex Cross being shocked and devastated when one his of close friends, who once had a romantic relationship with him, Eleanor 'Ellie' Cox and her family got slaughtered by a underground Nigerian gang in Washington, D.C.. After some investigation, there is a lead that the one responsible for the brutal murder is some teenage gangsters under the lead of a man nicknamed The Tiger.

While Alex Cross and his girlfriend Brianna “Bree” Stone investigate the case and tried to dig deeper upon The Tiger, more killings happen. Seeing the brutality done by the murderers and how the slayings are done, both Cross and Stone recognize something they expected the least: they are chasing an extraordinary and cruel enemy, who seems to be waging some kind of vengeful war in the capital of America.

Using every info they get to close down on the Tiger as careful and fast as they can, both detectives are left disappointed and empty-handed when their target closely escapes from them and flee out of the country. Impelled by his detective drive and utilizing his contact in CIA, Cross makes his way and lands in Nigeria. In this strange land he quickly realizes that he has plunged into a completely different jungle where justice and law are nothing but decorative institutions. Soon Cross also finds that in this place he is no longer the hunter that hunts the Tiger, but he has become the hunted.

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(The page count for Alex Cross #14: Cross Country PDF eBook might be different from the retail edition due to scanning or formatting.)
Author: James Patterson;
Genre/Subject: Crime/Detective Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 430;
File Size: 1 MB;

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