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First published in 2009, I, Alex Cross became the sixteenth novel in the ongoing successful detective/crime thriller series, Alex Cross. American thriller story author James Patterson has made some #1 Bestseller books in the series, including this one. Upon its release, the book received generally positive critical reviews and the sale went really well. A film adaptation supposed to be released under the same title starring Morgan Freeman in 2012, but eventually it was entitled simply “Alex Cross,” starring Tyler Perry.

This novel sees Alex Cross dealing with the most thrilling and personal case he ever faces. A sad and tragic news hit him during a joyful family occasion. There is a call reporting that his beloved niece, the only daughter of his late brother, has been found dead. Brutally murdered. Her body has been cut into pieces. What stuns him even more is the fact that the girl is part of a high class prostitution circle.

Shocked as he is, Cross soon gets driven by his personal emotion and detective instinct and he vows he will hunt down whoever did that cruelty. With the help of his girlfriend, detective Brianna Stone, he investigates the case. Soon he finds out there are other similar cases. Some youngsters related to high class prostitution have been reported missing or found dead.

All leads and information he gets him to a man called Zeus, who always wears a mask at all time. During his effort to get closer to the masked man, suddenly everybody in Washington D.C.—the Secret Service and even the current U.S. President, Maggie Vance—wants him to quit the case and forces him to hand the case to them.

Cross then realizes that this Zeus is not just some bad guy. He is someone with and surrounded by huge power. A power that may stop him from investigating or even put an end to his life.

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