James Patterson - London Bridges PDF

James Patterson - London Bridges PDF

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London Bridges is the tenth novel in the gripping crime/detective thriller series: Alex Cross. The series is written by James Patterson, one of the best American thriller writers. First published in 2005, the book preserves Patterson’s wit in delivering exciting fast-paced plots. This tenth volume does not only expand the story of the already-successful detective series, but also offers something more thrilling and intense.

Alex Cross now is an FBI agent and while he is trying to relief himself from his job that often involves violence and deaths, he gets a call informing a bomb attack that demolishes a Nevada town. The feds find out who is the mastermind behind the bombing: The Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf). It seems Cross’ old deadly and slick enemy is back. He even brings bigger menace than just kidnapping people. Now, he makes a threat that he will obliterate big American and European cities like New York, London, and Paris.

More disquieting situation follows as it seems that the Russian has teamed up with another one of Cross’s slickest old foes, The Weasel (Pop Goes the Weasel). Knowing how those two deadly evil-geniuses used to “do their works”, FBI agent Alex Cross realizes that the case is a globally serious matter and he has to work real hard and fast with his investigation to track down the duo and stop them before the world sees the destruction of big cities in America and Europe.

*Reviews of James Patterson's London Bridges*
'If you feel like a roller coaster, breathless ride, London Bridges is the hottest ride in town' —Ballarat Courier

'Any thriller writer, wannabe or actual, would do well to study Patterson's 10th Alex Cross novel!Patterson continues to elaborate his finest hero, cerebral yet emotional, dedicated yet flawed, caught between duty and family' —Publisher's Weekly

'Un-put-down-able' —Daily Express

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Author: James Patterson;
Genre/Subject: Detective/Crime Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 351;
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