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James Patterson - Mary, Mary PDF

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Alex Cross series, an exciting crime/detective thriller series by James Patterson, continues into the eleventh book: Mary, Mary, first published in 2006. It seems that Patterson still has a lot of “ammunition” in his disposal to grip and awe readers whether they are fans of this particular detective series or general thriller novels lovers in general. With Patterson’s proficiency as an author, the series has become one of the best-selling detective series.

Cross’ gripping adventure and investigation starts when—once again—during a family vacation, he receives a report that a mysterious brutal murder has taken place in Hollywood. A top-class actress has been killed. She was shot and her face was obliterated by multiple knife slashing. The murderer sends an e-mail to an entertainment reporter conveying the motivation as well as the killing experience. The sender signs that e-mail “Mary Smith” and “You’ve got mail” is now her calling card.

While investigating as an FBI agent, Alex Cross has to face another energy-absorbing and emotional matter. He has to fight against his ex and the mother of his son Alex Jr. in court for custody. This personal matter ends up unfavorably for the psychologist-detective and the court decides that his son will be under the custody of the mother, Christine.

At the meantime the “Mysterious, Mean Mary” is continuing her killings. More emails are sent, which means more dead showbiz persons: a movie producer and a TV anchorwoman. The investigation progresses slowly as it seems that Mary gets better and better with her “works”, which makes it difficult for Cross to find any lead about the suspect. He and the LAPD are now forced to work extremely hard to figure out Mary’s true identity and her whereabouts before that psychopathic murderer sends another email.

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Author: James Patterson;
Genre/Subject: Detective/Crime Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 352;
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