James Patterson - Alex Cross's Trial PDF

James Patterson - Alex Cross's Trial PDF

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American writer James Patterson kept his brilliant crime/detective thriller series Alex Cross going with the fifteenth novel, Alex Cross's Trial. First published in 2009, the book that then reached #1 in New York Times Bestseller List is a result of the collaboration between Patterson and Richard DiLallo—actually, it was written by Cross himself.

As in the other volumes in the series, the story in this novel still involves investigation, danger, and courageous actions. However, this time Alex Cross is not the one who experiences all of that. In Alex Cross's Trial, the ex-detective psychologist is now merely a storyteller who tells about all of those tings. The story explores the perilous adventure and endeavor of Cross’s great uncle, Abraham Cross, and the brave lawyer Ben Corbett who tried to fight racial discrimination during the days when Ku Klux Klan still roamed around America capturing and hanging black people.

On the personal request of U.S. President Roosevelt, Ben went to investigate the possibility of Ku Klux Klan activity in Eudora, Mississippi. In that town he met Abraham Cross, from whom he learnt the truth about the town: the lynchings, the injustice against the African Americans and the real dread they had to face every day. Together, Corbett and Cross investigate deeper to get clues to pursue the person behind the terror. Undoubtedly—and both of them fully realized it—the deeper the investigation went, the greater the risks they faced. It may even cost their own lives as well as the lives of their family.

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