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Cross, first published in 2006, is the twelfth novel in Alex Cross series, a brilliant crime/detective thriller series by American writer James Patterson. Since the debut of the brilliant detective back in 1993 (in Along Came the Spider), he has captured many readers and fans with his thrilling adventures and investigations. With Patterson excellent writing—keeping things short but fast flowing—the series has achieved huge commercial as well as critical success and most of the books in the series made up to #1 New York Times bestseller.

Alex Cross is now a “mere civilian” after he decided to quit the FBI and won’t join the police again. During enjoying his peaceful days as a therapist, comes the news that arouses dark, painful memories and lights the vengeance inside Cross. 13 years has passed since he witnessed his wife being shot to death by a bad guy, who is known as a vicious rapist. That guy is Michael "The Butcher" Sullivan, and he is back!

The drive to take down the man who murdered his wife is so strong that he risks his own life to make it happen. As a “civilian” he needs someone on the inside to gain access and info, so he contacts John Sampson, his old friend who is now an FBI agent. Together they investigate a rapist that haunts Georgetown with the hope it will lead them to The Butcher.

This rapist has certain modus that makes the victims suffer great traumatic memory, which is he exposes the victims to terrifying photos. This situation gives Cross and Sampson the hard times because their only source for find any leads or clues are the victims, but they have become so traumatic they refuse to revisit their dark experiences and convey any information to the two of them.

However, Cross has promised himself that he will have his revenge, stop The Butcher and bring him to justice. Cross’ ambition has grow so strong that he is willing to do and face everything even if it means losing his life.

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Author: James Patterson;
Genre/Subject: Crime/Detective Thriller;
Language: English;
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  1. the file that i download is a binary file. it doesn't open could you post in new sites where book 11, 12 and 13 would be available?

  2. Hi. Sorry for replying so late.

    About the file, the one you download is a zip file. You need compression software (winzip, winrar, 7zip, and the likes) to extract the pdf file.

    I'll try to find new links from new sites and post them here as soon as I can.