From Doon with Death PDF (Inspector Wexford #1)

From Doon with Death PDF (Inspector Wexford #1)

From Doon with Death PDF Download eBook (Inspector Wexford #1)

Originally published in 1964, From Doon with Death is the debut novel of Ruth Rendell—also writes pseudonymously under Barbara Vine— is a female English writer well known for her psychology-thriller and mystery stories. It also became the debut of Inspector Wexford, a suspenseful detective/crime thriller series. At its release, the book was regarded as revolutionary and received wide critical attention because of the Doon’s identity.

Margaret Parsons was found dead as a victim of a cruel, obsessive murder. There is nothing shady or extraordinary about the poor woman that could raise the police suspicion beyond “another homicide case”. She is a respectable, religious person and a devoted wife who lives in a rather old-fashioned ways. However, the case turns more complicated and bigger when Inspector Wexford finds her secrets: a collection of unusual books and mysterious letters from someone under the strange name of Doon.

*Preview of Ruth Rendell's From Doon with Death*
Dazzling psychological suspense. Razor-sharp dialogue. Plots that catch and hold like a noose. These are the hallmarks of crime legend Ruth Rendell, “the best mystery writer in the English-speaking world” (Time magazine). From Doon with Death, now in a striking new paperback edition, is her classic debut novel -- and the book that introduced one of the most popular sleuths of the twentieth century.

There is nothing extraordinary about Margaret Parsons, a timid housewife in the quiet town of Kingsmarkham, a woman devoted to her garden, her kitchen, her husband. Except that Margaret Parsons is dead, brutally strangled, her body abandoned in the nearby woods.

Who would kill someone with nothing to hide? Inspector Wexford, the formidable chief of police, feels baffled -- until he discovers Margaret's dark secret: a trove of rare books, each volume breathlessly inscribed by a passionate lover identified only as Doon. As Wexford delves deeper into both Mrs. Parsons’ past and the wary community circling round her memory like wolves, the case builds with relentless momentum to a surprise finale as clever as it is blindsiding.

In From Doon with Death, Ruth Rendell instantly mastered the form that would become synonymous with her name. Chilling, richly characterized, and ingeniously constructed, this is psychological suspense at its very finest.

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Author: Ruth Rendell;
Genre/Subject: Detective/Crime Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 138;
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