A Guilty Thing Surprised PDF (Inspector Wexford #5)

A Guilty Thing Surprised PDF (Inspector Wexford #5)

A Guilty Thing Surprised PDF Download eBook (Inspector Wexford #5)

In 1970, the fifth Inspector Wexford novel was published entitled A Guilty Thing Surprised. The captivating crime/detective thriller series is the masterpiece of English writer Ruth Rendell—she also writes under the pseudonym Barbara Vine.

In this book Chief Inspector Wexford and his partner Inspector Burden investigate the murder of Elizabeth Nightingale, who was found brutally beaten to death. Mrs. Nightingale is the mistress of a manor with the typical “lady-like” characteristics. She is a courteous and elegantly-mannered person. However the interviews in the investigation process—they lead to deeply hidden secrets kept by the people surrounding Mrs. Nightingale: the retiring husband, the sexually dazzling au pair girl, and the professor’s brother—reveal that the genteel personality is just on the surface. What seems to be a forthright homicide case now turns into a complicated and unforeseen affair. And the ending of the story, the result of the investigation, is utterly unexpected.

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Even the dead have something to hide...

The discovery of Elizabeth Nightingale's broken body in the woods near her home could not have come as a bigger shock. Called in to investigate, Chief Inspector Wexford quickly determines that the Nightingales were considered the perfect couple - wealthy, attractive and without an enemy in the world.

However, someone must have been alone with Elizabeth that night in the woods. Someone who hated - or perhaps loved - her enough to beat her to death.

The case seems straightforward. But Wexford soon learns that beneath the placid surface of the Nightingales' lives lie undercurrents and secrets no one ever suspected.

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Author: Ruth Rendell;
Genre/Subject: Crime/Detective Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 132;
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