Murder Being Once Done PDF (Inspector Wexford #7)

Murder Being Once Done PDF (Inspector Wexford #7)

Murder Being Once Done PDF Download eBook (Inspector Wexford #7)

Ruth Rendell (Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award winner) continued her brilliant and gripping Inspector Wexford crime/detective series with the seventh novel Murder Being Once Done. First published in 1972, the book preserves the depth and realism in the mystery-crime series that make it a hit.

A young girl is found dead in a vast cemetery in London. The local police—Wexford’s nephew Howard is the Detective Superintendent here—are perplexed by the case because there is not a single thing they can find about the victim: no name, no data, no possession, no past, nothing. It seems the case is going to be an unsolved mystery.

At the meantime, Wexford is in London too. However, he is there not to do any investigation of any sort, but to rest. The doctor has prescribed and ordered him to stay away from alcohol, rich food, and most importantly any police work that might stress him physically, psychologically, and even emotionally. Nevertheless, seeing his nephew heading to a dead end in the murder case, Wexford finds himself couldn’t just sit idly. So, going against the doctor’s orders, his wife anxious request for rest, and the unfriendly response from the local police, Wexford quits his rest and performs his own investigation. During the process, he has to cope with his inner thoughts and this intriguing case will lead him to surprises and unpredictable characters.

*Preview of Ruth Rendell's Murder Being Once Done*
It seems fitting that the final resting place of a girl's body should be in a graveyard. But this is no peaceful burial. This is a brutal murder scene.

Under strict orders from his doctor to indulge in no criminal investigation, Wexford is sent to London for a break away from the pressures of the Kingsmarkham police force. But then he discovers that his nephew Howard is heading the investigation into the macabre murder of Loveday Morgan, whose body was found abandoned in Kenbourne Cemetery.

Despite opposition from Howard and his team, Wexford is drawn to the case. And when he unearths Loveday's connection to a religious cult whose leader was imprisoned for sexual absue, he relentlessly pursues this sinister new lead.

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Author: Ruth Rendell;
Genre/Subject: Crime/Detective Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 144;
File Size: 1 MB;

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