No More Dying Then PDF (Inspector Wexford #6)

No More Dying Then PDF (Inspector Wexford #6)

No More Dying Then PDF Download eBook (Inspector Wexford #6)

No More Dying Then is the sixth book in the breathtaking Inspector Wexford detective/crime thriller series first published in 1971. With this mystery-crime series, Ruth Rendell has enriched the classic English mystery by imbuing it with depth and realism. Rendell is acknowledged as a brilliant author by winning some awards including Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award. This particular book was listed in the 100 Favourite Crime Novels of the Century by Mystery Booksellers Association.

In this volume Inspector Wexford races against time to track down two missing little girls. Stella Rivers is reported missing in February and no one ever sees her again. In October, John Lawrence doesn’t come home and just disappears. Soon, letters containing infuriated cruel words are arriving and so are the worst possibilities one can imagine.

Along with his partner, Inspector Burden, Wexford work on both cases and he fears that time is rapidly running out. The search becomes more complicated because Burden, whose wife just passed away, is still filled with grief and anger from the loss, that’s proved negative to the investigation. When Wexford puts all his intelligence and energy into it, Burden performs an unpredictable reaction when dealing with the case.

*Preview of Ruth Rendell's No More Dying Then*
What kind of a person would kidnap two children?

That is the question that haunts Wexford when a five-year-old boy and a twelve-year-old girl disappear from the village of Kingsmarkham. When a child's body turns up at an abandoned country home one search turns into a murder investigation and the other turns into a race against time. Filled with pathos and terror, passion, bitterness, and loss, No More Dying Then is Rendell at her most chillingly astute.

With her Inspector Wexford novels, Ruth Rendell, winner of the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award, has added layers of depth, realism and unease to the classic English mystery. For the canny, tireless, and unflappable policeman is an unblinking observer of human nature, whose study has taught him that under certain circumstances the most unlikely people are capable of the most appalling crimes.

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Author: Ruth Rendell;
Genre/Subject: Crime/Detective Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 181;
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