Shake Hands Forever PDF (Inspector Wexford #9)

Shake Hands Forever PDF (Inspector Wexford #9)

Shake Hands Forever PDF Download eBook (Inspector Wexford #9)

Published in 1975, Shake Hands Forever is a thrilling crime/detective novel written by British author Ruth Rendell. The book became the ninth installment in Rendell’s popular detective series Inspector Wexford.

In this book, Mrs. Hathall comes to visit his son, Robert, but upon arriving at his house, the old woman finds her daughter in law, Angela, lying dead on her tidy bed. Someone had murdered the poor woman by carefully strangled her. Chief Inspector Wexford enters the scene to investigate the case. He finds that Robert and Angela Hathall used to be devoted husband and wife who live a generally quiet household life. Angela, being exceedingly paranoid, was never let any unknown person enter the house. So who could possibly enter the house and perform such a neat kill?

Wexford investigation leads to no motive or suspect. However, his seemingly unreasonable intuition tells him that there was something going on between the couple. What is more, for Wexford the husband’s grief and reaction to the tragedy that befell his wife seems studied. So, Robert gets into Wexford’s suspect list but when further investigation goes a bit further, Wexford’s superior tells him to let the widower alone.

As usual, Wexford couldn’t just sit idly when a case is unsolved. With the help of his nephew and a small time crook, he carries out his own investigation. In the middle of it, he gets an unexpected aid from a friendly neighbor of the Hathalls, a stunningly pretty and eloquent woman. Soon, the tricky case grows into an obsessions and a threat to Wexford’s own marriage.

*Preview of Ruth Rendell's Shake Hands Forever*
The bed was neatly made, and the woman on top neatly strangled.

According to all accounts, Angela Hathall was deeply in love with her husband and far too paranoid to invite an unknown person into their home. So who managed to gain entry and strangle her without a struggle? That is the problem facing Inspector Wexford in Shake Hands Forever. Perhaps it was the mystery woman who left her fingerprints on the Hathall's bathtub? Perhaps it was Angela's husband who lied about a stolen library book? And why was the Hathall home, usually so unkempt, exqisitely clean the day of Angela's death? Then a neighbor--friendly, knowing, disarmingly beautiful--offers Wexford her assistance. And what begins as a rather tricky case turns into an obsession that threatens to destroy the Inspector's career--as well as his marriage.

Maddeningly addictive, smart and surprising, Shake Hands Forever showcases Ruth Rendell at the height of her storytelling powers.

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Author: Ruth Rendell;
Genre/Subject: Crime/Detective Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 158;
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