Some Lie and Some Die PDF (Inspector Wexford #8)

Some Lie and Some Die PDF (Inspector Wexford #8)

Some Lie and Some Die PDF Download eBook (Inspector Wexford #8)

Some Lie and Some Die is the eighth Inspector Wexford novel originally published in 1973. With this brilliant detective thriller series, the new dimensions, depth, and realism it brings to the English classic mystery, British writer Ruth Rendell has made herself a worldly renowned author. She has won some awards and some books in this series have been adopted into various media—mostly TV series.

The thrill of the story in Ruth Rendell's Some Lie and Some Die begins with a hedonistic hippy rock music festival. Despite all the concern people have, the event goes on without any tragedy—or so it seems. The spirit of peace and love sounded throughout the festival is soon shattered by a horrifying murder case. A couple of lovers find a girl body lying dead in a nearby quarry to the event venue. The body is in a shockingly terrible condition and the killer has severely pulped the girl’s face using the back-end of a bottle.

The victim is identified as Dawn Stonor, a local girl that is known—infamously—as a stripper. Chief Inspector Wexford is the first to arrive in the crime scene and soon he finds himself in a perplexing investigation. His exploration opens up a complex circle of lies and treachery that leads to a long history of relationship filled with love and hate between the girl and a folk musician, the star of the festival. In that investigation also Wexford witnesses something he never sees, a murder of such desperate passion.

*Preview of Ruth Rendell's Some Lie and Some Die*
A mutilated body found at a rock festival.

In spite of dire predictions, the rock festival in Kingsmarkham seemed to be going off without a hitch, until the hideously disfigured body is discovered in a nearby quarry. And soon Wexford is investigating the links between a local girl gone bad and a charismatic singer who inspires an unwholesome devotion in his followers. Some Lie and Some Die is a devilishly absorbing novel, in which Wexford's deductive powers come up against the aloof arrogance of pop stardom.

With her Inspector Wexford novels, Ruth Rendell, winner of the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award, has added layers of depth, realism and unease to the classic English mystery. For the canny, tireless, and unflappable policeman is an unblinking observer of human nature, whose study has taught him that under certain circumstances the most unlikely people are capable of the most appalling crimes.

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Author: Ruth Rendell;
Genre/Subject: Crime/Detective Thriller;
Language: English;
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