Wolf to the Slaughter PDF (Inspector Wexford #3)

Wolf to the Slaughter PDF (Inspector Wexford #3)

Wolf to the Slaughter PDF Download eBook (Inspector Wexford #3)

Wolf to the Slaughter is the third book in the captivating Inspector Wexford crime/detective thriller series by British author Ruth Rendell. First published in 1967, the book presents another thrilling crime investigation story with surprising twists and gripping plots.

It was a quite street in a small and quiet country town. In that street there is this “special” room where many men would like to stay. There will be no registration or questions except for five bucks payment and the men can enjoy disturbance-free three hours of lovemaking.

A mysterious guest comes at one evening with a knife and suddenly, the “love shack” turns into a slaughter shed. Strange thing is there is no body on the blood-soaked carpet. There is nothing except the fact that the beautiful promiscuous Anita Margolis has disappeared, a strange anonymous letter found, and there is the name Smith. Though the police headquarter does not consider all as clues of a murder case, Inspector Wexford’s detective instinct tells him something terrible has happened.

*Preview of Ruth Rendell's Wolf to the Slaughter*
The third book to feature the classic crime-solving detective, Chief Inspector Wexford.

Anita Margolis has vanished. Dark and exquisite, Anita's character is as mysterious as her disappearance.

There was no body, no crime - nothing more concrete than an anonymous letter and the intriguing name of Smith. According to headquarters, it wasn't to be considered a murder enquiry at all.

With the letter providing them with only one questionable lead to follow, Wexford and his sidekick Inspector Burden are compelled to make enquiries. They soon discover Anita is wealthy, flighty, and thoroughly immoral. The straight-laced Burden has a very clear idea of what happened to her. But Wexford has his own suspicions.

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Author: Ruth Rendell;
Genre/Subject: Crime/Detective Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 150;
File Size: 1 MB;

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