Snorri Sturluson - The Prose Edda PDF eBook

Snorri Sturluson - The Prose Edda PDF eBook

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The Prose Edda, estimated to be written around early 13th century, is a text on Old Norse Poetics. It is believed that Snorri Sturlson is the author. Though no solid evidence exists that declares Sturluson is actually the writer, a manuscript from early 14th century—Codex Upsaliensis—mentions The Prose Edda and Sturluson—Snorri himself was a Christian who had great interest and respect toward Norse and Pagan mythology.

The book is divided in several parts. It opens with a euhemerized Prologue and then continues with Gylfaginning (mainly focuses on the creation and destruction of the world of the Nordic gods) and Skáldskaparmál (depicts the dialogue between Ægir, a god associated with the sea, and Bragi, a skaldic god). Some versions also include Háttatal, which is composed by Snorri and represents the types of verse forms used in Old Norse poetry. This collection is assembled to provide better understanding to Icelandic poets and readers of subtleties of alliterative verse, and to grasp the meaning behind the many kenningar (compounds) that were used in skaldic poetry.

The Prose Edda contains a wide variety of lore which a Skald (poet) of the time would need to know. The text is of interest to modern readers because it contains consistent narratives of many of the plot lines of Norse mythology. It becomes a certain interest because it contains one of the first attempts to devise a rational explanation for mythological and legendary events. It is also notable because it contains fragments of a number of manuscripts which Snorri Sturluson had access to, but which are now lost.

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Written in Iceland a century after the close of the Viking Age, The Prose Edda is the source of most of what we know of Norse mythology. Its tales are peopled by giants, dwarves, and elves, superhuman heroes and indomitable warrior queens. Its gods live with the tragic knowledge of their own impending destruction in the cataclysmic battle of Ragnarok. Its time scale spans the eons from the world’s creation to its violent end. This robust new translation captures the magisterial sweep and startling psychological complexity of the Old Icelandic original.

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