Musashi PDF Download

Musashi PDF Download

Eiji Yoshikawa - Musashi PDF Download eBook

Mushashi is an epic historical-fiction story of a Japanese Samurai by Eiji Yoshikawa (author of Taiko and Heike Story). Despite being a fiction, it is based on the story of a real renowned Japanese swordsman in the 17th century, Miyamoto Musashi.

The book focuses on the journey of a rōnin (Japanese swordsman) in climbing the steep and harsh path in the Way of the Samurai. The book is imaginative and refined, with living story and excellent characters—most are historical. It is a great depiction of an absolute dedication of a person.

Musashi PDF eBook Details

Author: Eiji Yoshikawa;
Genre/Subject: Classic, Historical Fiction;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 1110;
(Page count might be different due to scanning or formatting)
File Size: 3.8 MB;

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