Goosebumps #31 - #35 PDF Download

Goosebumps #31 - #35 PDF Download

R.L. Stine - Goosebumps Book 31 to 35 PDF Download eBook

First published in 1992, Goosebumps has become a classic horror series for kids. The novels were written by the “Stephen King of children's literature” R. L. Stine. There are 62 books in the series, with the last installment published in 1997. Millions of copies of the novels have been sold around the world, in various languages.

Goosebumps 31-35 PDF eBook Details

Author: R.L. Stine;
Genre/Subject: Kids' Horror;
Language: English;
Number of Books: 5;
(Page count might be different due to scanning or formatting)

Goosebumps 31: Night of the Living Dummy II PDF Download Link

R.L. Stine - Goosebumps #31 Night of the Living Dummy II
PDF Pages: 63; File Size: 0.3 MB;
Amy Krammer has no idea about things that will happen to her when she receives Slappy, a replacement ventriloquist dummy. And she definitely doesn’t have any clue when she finds a note from the dummy’s pocket and reads it. It turns out that she has cast a spell; a spell to bring Slappy to life.
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Goosebumps 32: The Barking Ghost PDF Download Link

Goosebumps #32: The Barking Ghost PDF Download
PDF Pages: 73; File Size: 0.3 MB
Cooper Holmes has just befriended Fergie. As they wander together, they are stalked by two mysterious dogs. Then, they find themselves tricked by the dogs and the two kids swap bodies with the dogs.
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Goosebumps 33: The Horror at Camp Jellyjam PDF Download Link

Goosebumps #33: The Horror at Camp Jellyjam PDF Download
PDF Pages: 81; File Size: 0.3 MB;
Elliot and his sister Wendy crash into King Jellyjam's Sports Camp. Elliot embraces and enjoys the competitive spirit, while his sister Wendy is suspicious of that camp. Her suspicion turns to horror when the winners end up missing.
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Goosebumps 34 Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes PDF Download Link

Goosebumps #34 Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes PDF Download
PDF Pages: 55; File Size: 0.3 MB;
Mr. Burton brings home two garden gnomes to decorate his yard, but he doesn’t realize that what he just bought are two horrible creatures. Mindy and Joe, Mr. Burton’s children, soon find out that at nights, the gnomes will become alive and spread terror by destroying the yard.
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Goosebumps 35 A Shocker on Shock Street PDF Download Link

Goosebumps #35 A Shocker on Shock Street PDF Download
PDF Pages: 53; File Size: 0.3 MB;
Erin Wright and Marty are very excited when they are chosen as picked as the first kids to tour a new theme park: Shock Street. Both of them have been huge fans of Shock Street horror movies series. However, their tour turns into a terror when they find out that the creatures of Shock Street may be real.
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