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Shantaram is an incredible contemporary novel written by Gregory David Roberts. Roberts used to be a heroin addict and bank robber, who got caught but then escaped from Pentridge Prison and fled to India. Although the author stated that the book is actually a fictional novel, there is a debate surrounding it about how much of it is actual fact—some people refer the book as an autobiography—and which parts are invented fictions.

The story follows Lindsay Ford, a most-wanted Australian who just escaped from prison and arrived in Mumbai. He then builds a strong and faithful friendship with his guide, Prabaker, who gives him name Lin (Linbaba). Together, Lin and Prabaker venture into the slums of Mumbai. Lin is a wanted fugitive with no home or family and during, who yearns for love and meaning for his life. This search brings him to an amazing and dangerous adventure.

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Author: Gregory David Roberts;
Genre/Subject: Contemporary;
Language: English;

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