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Study Series is an exciting young adult fantasy novel series by American writer Maria V. Snyder. Until today, three books are already published in the series: Poison Study (2005), Magic Study (2006), and Fire Study (2008). Study Series focuses on the thrilling adventure of an intelligent young woman with great magical power named Yelena. Throughout the series, she will face dangerous adventures and also a romantic relationship.

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Author: Maria V. Snyder;
Genre/Subject: Fantasy;
Language: English;
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#1 Poison Study PDF Download Link

Maria V. Snyder - Poison Study PDF Download
PDF Pages: 225; File Size: 1 MB;
Yelena has no choice but to be a food taster for Commander Ambrose after Valek, assassin and the chief of security, feeds her the poisonous Butterfly's Dust and will have to rely on him for the antidote. While Yelena strives to face her dilemma, bad things start to happen. There is a rebellion plot to seize Ixia. At the same time, Yelena finds great difficulty in controlling her magical power, something that is forbidden in Ixia Kingdom.

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#2 Magic Study PDF Download Link

Maria V. Snyder - Magic Study PDF Download
PDF Pages: 259; File Size: 1 MB;
Yelena returns to her family in Sitia, but despite feeling happy, she feels isolated in her new place. The things she experienced in Ixia have changed her in many ways, and it creates tension with her new friends and relatives. While struggling to learn to control her magic power, something she has to master to escape death, she finds herself entangled in a plot to reclaim Ixia's throne for a lost prince. Another unpleasant surprise for her is it seems that her brother want her dead!

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#3 Fire Study PDF Download Link

Maria V. Snyder - Fire Study PDF Download
PDF Pages: 263; File Size: 1 MB;
It is finally revealed that Yelena has the rare ability to capture and release souls. She is a Soulfinder. Her new identity makes people uneasy and it forces the Council to have a discussion regarding her fate. While being engulfed in uncertainty about her life, disquieting news arrived that an evil sorcerer has created a plot against Yelena’s homeland. So, Yelena embarks on a journey to save the land she loves. Surrounded with allies as well as enemies, people with unknown loyalty, Yelena is marching in a treacherous yet essential mission to prove herself.

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