Mister Monday PDF Download (The Keys to the Kingdom #1)

Mister Monday PDF Download

Garth Nix - Mister Monday PDF Download eBook (The Keys to the Kingdom #1)

Mister Monday is a successful young-adult adventure novel by famous fantasy novelist Garth Nix. First published in 2003, the novel is the first book in the exciting The Keys to the Kingdom series. Focusing on a rather unique hero, an asthmatic 12 year-old named Arthur Penhaligon, the series presents an imaginative witty story with gripping characters and plots.

Arthur Penhaligon is not supposed to be a hero. He is supposed to die an early death. But then his life is saved by a key shaped like the minute hand of a clock...Arthur is safe—but his world is not. Along with the key comes a plague brought by bizarre creatures from another realm. A stranger named Mister Monday, his avenging messengers with bloodstained wings, and an army of dog-faced Fetchers will stop at nothing to get the key back—even if it means destroying Arthur and everything around him.

The Keys to the Kingdom #1: Mister Monday PDF eBook Details

Author: Garth Nix;
Genre/Subject: ;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 199;
(page count might be different due to scanning or formatting)
File Size: 1 MB;

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