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The Bin Ladens is an eye-opening book that reveals a groundbreaking history of the Bin Laden family. In the book, which is fully entitled The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century, American author and journalist Steve Coll, who won Pulitzer Prize for his masterpiece Ghost Wars, digs deep into a story that has only been slightly revealed and known. It explores a groundbreaking history of a family and its fortune.

The Bin Ladens PDF tracks down the history of the Bin Laden family to the rise of Mohamed Bin Laden from a poor bricklayer to a millionaire and vital figure in Saudi Arabia. It highlights the conflicts and tensions that go on in a strictly religious country with the existence of the gigantic oil business, ludicrously huge fortune, and temptations of the Western countries. More important is the journey of the family that in the span of only two generations, has catapulted it place from a poor famine-stricken family in a desert into a multi-billionaire family with luxurious properties, expensive toys, and gigantic companies around the world. These religious and cultural revolutions have their impacts in everything from enthusiasm for America to an overwhelming determination to destroy it.

By conducting thorough and meticulous researches, numerous interviews, Steve Coll has successfully delivered a vibrant, startling, entertaining, and enlightening book that underlines the now happening global integration and its limitations. The Bin Ladens sums up the disquieting challenges of globalization and how money, mobility, and technology may be used to various dramatic ends.

Editorial Review from Publisher Weekly (as written at
The bin Ladens are famous for spawning the world's foremost terrorist and building one of the Middle East's foremost corporate dynasties. Pulitzer Prize–winner Coll (Ghost Wars) delivers a sprawling history of the multifaceted clan, paying special attention to its two most emblematic members. Patriarch Mohamed's eldest son, Salem, was a caricature of the self-indulgent plutocrat: a flamboyant jet-setter dependent on the Saudi monarchy, obsessed with all things motorized (he died crashing his plane after a day's joy-riding atop motorcycle and dune-buggy) and forever tormenting his entourage with off-key karaoke. Coll presents quite a contrast with an unusually nuanced profile of Salem's half-brother Osama, a shy, austere, devout man who nonetheless shares Salem's egomania. Other bin Ladens crowd Coll's narrative with the eye-glazing details of their murky business deals, messy divorces and ill-advised perfume lines and pop CDs. Beneath the clutter one discerns an engrossing portrait of a family torn between tradition and modernity, conformism and self-actualization, and desperately in search of its soul.

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