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Since its first publication in 1903, The Story of My Life has become one of the most well known biographies. Through the book, American famous classic author Helen Keller marvelously detailed the early stages of her life and especially her remarkable endeavor in learning and education experiences under the guidance of Anne Sullivan.

100 years after the original publication of Helen Keller's The Story of My Life, in the early 2004, to commemorate its 100 years, a new extended was published as The Restored Edition. In addition to the letters Keller wrote, her, this edition presents the reprints of Keller's original works that has been long lost, it also contains some excerpts from her deeply personal memoir (The World We Live In) that will provide readers with greater details on the unimaginable existence, and also a political statement from Keller in her socialist point of view (Out of the Dark).

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The Story of My Life, a remarkable account of overcoming the debilitating challenges of being both deaf and blind, has become an international classic, making Helen Keller one of the most well-known, inspirational figures in history. Originally published in 1903, Keller’s fascinating memoir narrates the events of her life up to her third year at Radcliffe College.

Helen Keller’s story of struggle and achievement is one of unquenchable hope. From tales of her difficult early days, to details of her relationship with her beloved teacher Anne Sullivan, to her impressions of academic life, Keller’s honest, straightforward writing lends insight into an amazing mind. Like the original, this centenary edition of The Story of My Life includes letters Keller wrote to friends throughout her childhood and adolescence that chronicle her intellectual and sensory progression, as well as assistant John Macy’s commentary on her interpretations of her surroundings.

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