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In August 1969, the world witnessed a music event that would change rock ‘n’ roll forever. In a dairy farm area outside New York, with 32 performers and a crowd of 400.000 concert goers, Woodstock Music & Art Fair successfully established its irreplaceable spot in music as well as the world history. 40 years later, in 2009, a book entitled The Road to Woodstock was published. It was written by one of the initiators and organizers of the original ’69 Woodstock, Michael Lang, in collaboration with author Holly George-Warren. In this eye-opening memoir, Lang brilliantly portrayed his journey as an organizer in envisioning, preparing, and conducting the most monumental rock festival of all time.

In The Road to Woodstock, a New York Times Bestseller book, Lang revisits and retells his personal experiences in becoming and growing as a promoter and organizer, from creating small festivals in Miami until his greatest achievement in New York with Woodstock festival. He chronicles the accounts of the uncertain phases that he and the other creators of Woodstock had to face in fulfilling their ambitious plan. With dynamism and vivacity of a storyteller, Lang serves readers with the story of struggles in facing small-town politicians opposing the festival, the kindness of farm owner Max Yasgur, and the enormous job of feeding and taking care of a community as big as a city. In this memoir, Lang also presents his interviews with the performing musicians that become a revealing insight, offering a view of the madness, frustration, happiness, and sheer euphoria that had made Woodstock the most important music festival.

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In the late sixties, after settling in Woodstock, he began to envision a music and arts festival where folks could come and stay for a few days amid the rural beauty of upstate New York. The idea crystallized when Lang talked it over with Artie Kornfeld, a songwriter and A & R man, and with two other young men they formed Woodstock Ventures. They booked talent…; won over agents and promoters; brought in the Hog Farm commune to set up campgrounds; hired a peacekeeping force; took on fleets of volunteers; appeased the Yippies; and were run out of one town and found another site weeks before the festival.

On the ground with the talent, the townspeople, and his handpicked crew, Lang had a unique and panoramic perspective of the festival. Enhanced by interviews with others who were central to the making of the festival, The Road to Woodstock tells the story from inspiration to celebration, capturing all the magic, mayhem, and mud in between.

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