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John Lennon, one of the biggest among the biggest icons in rock ‘n’ roll history, is an absolutely special and complex person with many and contradicting sides in his personality. That what is portrayed by journalist Tim Riley in his enlightening biography of the commanding creative motor of the Beatles, Lennon: The Man, the Myth, the Music.

First published in 2010, the book presents John’s life and all the backgrounds and events that shaped him into the man the world remember today. With rich narration and analytical approach, Riley portrays every stages of John’s: His devastating experience during childhood when he’s forced to choose between his mother and his father and finally chose to live with his aunt, his creative development during his days as an art student, his “rollercoaster” of fame, stardom, and creativity as a musician and songwriter during the days with the Beatles, his broken marriage with Cynthia Powell, his even-wilder works with the avant-garde Yoko Ono, and his last years as a husband and father post after the Beatles broke up.

Written based on numerous exclusive interviews with and memoirs written by Lennon's friends, families, associates, and even enemies, this biography brilliantly captures the complexity of John’s personality and life. Riley’s narrative prowess makes the book almost like a novel and he even provides almost poetic descriptions on John’s songs.

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Riley portrays Lennon's rise from Hamburg's red light district to Britain's Royal Variety Show; from the charmed naiveté of "Love Me Do" to the soaring ambivalence of "Don't Let Me Down"; from his shotgun marriage to Cynthia Powell in 1962 to his epic media romance with Yoko Ono. Written with the critical insight and stylistic mastery readers have come to expect from Riley, this richly textured narrative draws on numerous new and exclusive interviews with Lennon's friends, enemies, confidantes, and associates; lost memoirs written by relatives and friends; as well as previously undiscovered City of Liverpool records. Riley explores Lennon in all of his contradictions: the British art student who universalized an American style, the anarchic rock 'n' roller with the moral spine, the anti-jazz snob who posed naked with his avant-garde lover, and the misogynist who became a househusband. What emerges is the enormous, seductive, and confounding personality that made Lennon a cultural touchstone.

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