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Psycho II is the second novel in the cult and chilling Psycho Trilogy horror series. The book was first published in 1982, 23 years after the success of its prequel, Psycho. With this book, American writer Robert Bloch expanded his reputation as a novelist acknowledged for his works of crime, fantasy, science fiction, and, off course, horror novels and short stories.

Bloch's first Psycho book that was published in 1959 achieved a massive success especially following the film adaptation with the same title directed by Hollywood legend Alfred Hitchcock. Although in 1983 a film by Richard Franklin was released with the same title, it was actually not related whatsoever to Bloch’s book that was published a year before. He was not even invited to any screenings by Universal Pictures.

Just like its prequel, Psycho II PDF also focuses on the mysterious and dark character, Norman Bates, who has made his comeback. As shown in the first book, Norman was sent to a mental asylum and supposed to “do his time” there. Surprisingly and alarmingly, Norman escaped from that facility by disguising as a nun. However, there was a fire during his attempt of breakout and the police concluded that Norman Bates was dead. Not long after that, dead bodies were starting to be found. They were mysterious murder victims. Norman’s doctor at the facility strongly believed that it was his ex-client who was responsible for the terror. The doctor also believed that Norman Bates was heading to one of the prestigious city in America, Hollywood. There was a film production based on his life and crimes in the city and Norman was about to bring the real nightmare there.

The novel is continued with the 3rd novel in the trilogy: Psycho House.

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