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Psycho is a thrilling iconic horror novel that has become cult in the modern pop culture. It is now the trademark of the American horror author Robert Bloch and given him the reputation as horror and crime books writer. There are about 30 novels and hundreds of short stories written by Bloch and the most outstanding of them all is Psycho, which became first book of what later developed into a trilogy. First published in 1959, it soon became a huge success especially following the release of Alfred Hitchcock’s film adaptation of the book with the same title. Both the novel and the films are now considered classics and a must-to-read/must-to-watch among horror fans.

Psycho focuses on a complex and dark personality, Norman Bates, who is the main character and the villain in this novel. Norman, a middle-aged bachelor dominated by his a mean-tempered and puritanical old mother, lives and runs a small motel in a dying town, Fairvale. There, business has struggled after the highway being reallocated.

One stormy and gloomy night, Mary Crane is in her way passing Fairvale and she has to make a stop. She is tired and lost track of her route, her only hope is to refresh herself with a warm shower in the Bates motel. She doesn’t have a clue about what will happen. Everything seems normal there and even Norman looks like a nice man, albeit a bit mysterious. However, things are about to turn for the worst for Mary as Norman shows his true dark color.

The book is followed by the next two books in the Psycho Trilogy: Psycho II and Psycho House.

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