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Robert Bloch's cult horror series Psycho Trilogy continues with the third novel Psycho House (PDF eBooK). It becomes the final book in the trilogy (following 1959 Psycho and 1982 Psycho II). The book was first published in 1990 and though it did not attract as much hype as its two prequels, it still gained responses from fans of the series and horror/thriller books in general.

Although in 1986 a film entitled Psycho III was released, followed by Psycho IV: The Beginning in 1990, both films did not have any relation whatsoever with Bloch’s book. However, the novel has inspired a television film called Bates Motel in 1987, which was remade into TV series in 2012.

*Preview of Robert Bloch's Psycho House*
The new Bates Motel is a tourist attraction, a recreation of the murder site, and the developers are already counting their profits. And there's a new exhibit, one nobody expected: the bloody corpse of a teenage girl crumpled in the front hall, stabbed to death. Among the avalanche of press and publicity is reporter Amelia Haines, true-crime book writer. She's studying the original Psycho killings and to Amy, the new murders are a golden opportunity-if she can be part of the investigation, perhaps track down the killer herself, then her fame, and her fortune, will be assured. But catching the madman won't be easy . . . the town is full of suspects, and Amy's best informants keep turning up murdered. If she isn't careful, Amelia Haines may be the next permanent guest at the Bates Motel.

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