The Sinatra Files: The Secret FBI Dossier PDF

The Sinatra Files: The Secret FBI Dossier PDF

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Frank Sinatra (born Francis Albert Sinatra) was one of the most legendary singers in music history and also an actor. Many stories, books, memoirs, and biographies have been written about his life and great achievements as an artist. However, in 2000 a fascinating, shocking and enlightening book about Sinatra was published. Written by Tom Kuntz and Phil Kuntz, The Sinatra Files: The Secret FBI Dossier took a whole different point of view and present a totally different pictures of Sinatra’s history.

Frank Sinatra’s career as musician started to shine in the early 40s. Though early 50s the light of his success as a singer went a bit dimmer, in the 60s he made a really brilliant comeback with many hits in successful performances in films. Most of the world only knew Sinatra’s success and probably the celebrity gossips and rumors about him just like any other superstar. However, there were far more serious things went surrounding him. The government was suspecting him for alleged relationships, both personal and professional, with important figures in the organized-crime syndicates. The FBI, during Edgar Hoover’s time, put Sinatra under surveillance especially because of his friendship with John F. Kennedy. This surveillance was officially recorded in well-kept document.

With The Sinatra Files: The Secret FBI Dossie, Tom and Phil Kuntz revealed the fascinating FBI’s record of their surveillance on Frank Sinatra. The documents show how Sinatra was considered as a target and how the FBI became so paranoid and obsessed with that music icon. This biography will fascinate not only Sinatra fans but also readers who want to know the second half of the American century.

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When Frank Sinatra died in 1998, he was one of the most chronicled celebrities ever, but the most unusual record of his life came to light only posthumously: a 1,275-page dossier recording decades of FBI surveillance stemming from J. Edgar Hoover's belief that Sinatra had mob or Communist ties. This shadow biography, with information never before presented in book form.

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