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Clear and Present Danger has always been listed among one of the very best books of Tom Clancy, American author famous for his exciting and thrilling stories related to army science and espionage. First published in 1989, the novel has attracted many thriller/espionage fans and become New York Times Bestseller. A film adaptation with the same title, starring actor Harrison Ford, was released in 1994. It also gained huge success in the box office since its first week.

The extensive and suspenseful thriller in Clear and Present Danger sees the the return of character Jack Ryan, an ex-marine CIA analyst. Ryan, who is now an Acting Deputy Director (Intelligence), finds out that something big is being hidden from him by his fellow CIA agents who are in a mission of conducting a covert war against Colombian drug cartel. There are many facets and layers of sub-plots that are full of schemes and conspiracies involving drugs, the cartels, CIA Vice President, and an illegal operation. Amid all those intrigues, Jack Ryan struggles to investigate and find the facts kept from him.

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CIA man Jack Ryan, hero of Patriot Games, finds that he will probably never have a boring summer: The sudden and surprising assassination of three American officials in Colombia. Many people in many places, moving off on missions they all mistakenly thought they understood. The future was too fearful for contemplation, and beyond the expected finish lines were things that, once decided, were better left unseen. Tom Clancy's new thriller is based on America's war on drugs.

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Language: English;
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