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First published in 2000, The Bear and the Dragon is an intriguing political thriller novel written by famous American thriller novelist Tom Clancy. The book is quite different from the majority of Clancy’s works, which mostly focus on gripping espionage and military science stories. It still highlights military issues and reintroduces the character Jack Ryan. However, now Ryan is the President of the United States of America and he no longer addresses the conflicts as an on-field agent but as a politician.

The Bear and the Dragon PDF depicts a fictional conflict between Russia, which is the Bear, and China, which is the Dragon. China is carrying out a campaign to invade Russia to access the oil and gold fields that have been discovered recently. While doing their invasion of Siberia, of which cost has shaken the country’s economy, all countries are looking at China and an international boycott is imposed on China. In that situation, China Government decides they need to push the military campaign even faster. Meanwhile, chairman of the SVR Sergey Nickolayevich Golovko asks for aids to Jack Ryan, the President of the United States of America. Both of them have been friends and it encourages Ryan even more to persuade NATO to admit Russia and he makes promise to President Grushavoy that he (and his country) will assist Russia in fighting the invading China military.

*Preview of Tom Clancy's The Bear and the Dragon*
President Jack Ryan faces a world crisis unlike any he has ever known, in Tom Clancy's extraordinary new novel….

A high-level assassination attempt in Russia has the newly elected Ryan sending his most trusted eyes and ears—including antiterrorism specialist John Clark—to Moscow, for he fears the worst is yet to come. And he’s right. The attempt has left the already unstable Russia vulnerable to ambitious forces in China eager to fulfill their destiny—and change the face of the world as we know it.

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