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The Sum of All Fears is a brilliant espionage thriller novel that well displays how Tom Clancy becomes one of the best American thriller writers in detailing military science, espionage, and warfare. First published in 1991, the book that took its title from a quote by Winston Churchill highlights the terror and the devastation might result from nuclear wars. This thrilling novel is part of the Jack Ryan series, who in this story is striving for a Middle Eastern peace plan as Deputy Director of the CIA. The book hit a big success and became #1 New York Bestseller.

The twisty espionage thriller plot in Tom Clancy's The Sum of All Fears, is formulated in a plot that follows the possible terror faced by Israel, and the United States of America for that matter, when that country loses control of one of its nuclear weapons.

It was post-Gulf War and the countries are “restructuring” and CIA Deputy Director Jack Ryan is working on a proposal for Middle Eastern peace. All those recovery processes are suddenly disrupted when Israel releases a terrifying report that they lost a nuclear weapon. The deadly mass destructive weapon has fallen into the hands of a Middle-East terrorist group, who plans on using it against the US. Engulfed in nuclear terror and threats, and as planned by the terrorist group to revive the Cold War sentiment, the United States and the Soviet Union is on the verge of a war against each other. With the world on the face of a nuclear disaster, Ryan must hastily get the solution—before the heads of state lose control of themselves—to save the world.

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