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The Runaway Jury is a suspenseful legal thriller novel first published in 1996. To this day, it is considered as one of the best works of John Grisham. The book displays the flexibility and creativity of Grisham in building something around a genre that, for most, is relatively restrictive.

The story in The Runaway Jury captures the corruption and depravity in the legal system. It follows Wendall Rohr and a team of successful lawyers who have filed suit on behalf of plaintiff Celeste Wood, a widow who has lost her husband because of lung cancer. The trial is scheduled to be conducted in a city in Mississippi. This is a state known of having favorable tort laws and sympathetic juries. The trial will call big tobacco company Pynex, which is the defendant. Yet, even before the jury has been sworn in, Nicholas Easter, a stealth juror, starts to quietly connive behind the scenes. Along all the actions “behind” the courtroom, Grisham takes readers to view the conflicts from different perspectives, while slowly presents the intertwined web, before finally reveals the truth, which is quite surprising.

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They are at the center of a multimillion dollar legal hurricane: twelve men and women who have been investigated, watched, manipulated, and harassed by high-priced lawyers and consultants who will stop at nothing to secure a verdict. Now that the jury must make a decision in the most explosive trial of the century, a precedent-setting lawsuit against a giant tobacco company. But only a handful of people know the truth: that this jury has a leader, and the verdict belongs to him...

He is known only as Juror #2. But he has a name, a past, and he has planned his every move with the help of a beautiful woman on the outside. Now, while a corporate empire hands in the balance, while a grieving family waits, and while lawyers are plunged into a battle for their careers, the truth about Juror #2 is about to explode, in a cross fire of greed and corruption--and with justice fighting for its life...

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